Condensation can cause a black mould growth in your home.

Taking the following steps can help minimise condensation in your home:

Reduce moisture

  • wipe moisture from windows and sills with a cloth - wring the cloth out in the sink and do not dry on a radiator
  • dry clothes outside whenever possible - if you have to dry clothes indoors, open windows
  • put lids on saucepans when you cook
  • avoid using paraffin or bottle gas heaters
  • make sure your tumble dryer has a vent outside

Increase ventilation

  • try to vent each room in your house for a short period every day - open a window or use the trickle ventilator
  • open a kitchen window while cooking and bathroom window after showering/bathing
  • do not block air vents or extractor fans - install humidity-controlled extractor fans if possible
  • keep kitchen/bathroom doors closed when in use and open when not in use

Keep your home warm and allow air to circulate

  • heat your home efficiently -  try to keep the temperature above 18°C to help stop condensation occurring
  • allow air to circulate in your home by avoiding putting furniture against outside walls - where possible, position furniture against internal walls (walls which have a room on both sides)

Remove mould as soon as you find it

  • use a mould/mildew cleaning product to clean mould (always follow the manufacturer's instructions)
  • use fungicidal paints and decorating materials to help stop mould returning