You may be able to undertake changes to your property without seeking planning permission from the council.

Such changes can be carried out under permitted development rights. You can seek further advice on permitted development rights and whether you need planning permission to carry out works on your home at the Planning Portal website.

Please note, permitted development rights can be adapted or removed (your property's status in this regard may have been brought to your attention on purchasing).

In addition, permitted development rights can be different for listed buildings and properties in conservation areas.

Irrespective of whether you need planning permission, your works may require approval under building regulations.

Pre-application planning enquiries

We offer pre-application planning advice for all types of proposed developments or works.

We charge a fee for this service.

For general planning queries, email

You can report suspected breaches of planning control or unauthorised development by completing our online form.

Please note, you can only speak directly to a planning officer by making an appointment using the contact details below.

You can search for specific planning applications and find the officer dealing with the application online.

Useful information

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