Our Incentive Moves scheme aims to help council tenants aged 60 and above make the move into our independent living accommodation.

To qualify for the scheme, tenants must live in a two, three, four or five-bedroomed council house. Flats cannot be considered.

Under Incentive Moves, the council covers the cost of removals, the disconnection and reconnection of your cooker and the transfer of your telephone.

We also offer a payment of £1,000 towards covering the miscellaneous costs of moving home.

During the week of your move, you only have to pay rent on one property, and you only have to cover the cost of repairs to your property if we consider the damage to have been caused deliberately or through neglect.

In such circumstances, we deduct the cost of the repairs from your £1,000 Incentive Move payment if you do not pay for the work.

To find out more about the Incentive Moves scheme, email our housing services team: housingservices@rugby.gov.uk