Independent Living Co-ordinators (ILCs) at our sheltered housing schemes work from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, helping tenants to live independently.

ILCs offer no direct care services to tenants, but can:

  • offer a rapid response to the Lifeline Home Alarm during working hours (the service's control centre provides cover outside of working hours)
  • maintain contact with tenants and be aware of social or medical circumstances
  • arrange support for tenants from voluntary and statutory agencies
  • encourage and promote participation in leisure and community activities
  • manage community rooms and community facilities

The ILCs cannot:

  • collect prescriptions or medicines, or administer medication
  • do shopping for tenants
  • gain access to a tenant's property if keys have been lost
  • lift a tenant off the floor following a fall (the ILC can call the emergency services in such circumstances)
  • report repairs to a tenant's property on behalf of a tenant