The Rugby Regeneration Strategy sets out a vision to realise the potential of the town centre and ensure it remains at the heart of the borough at a time when the functionality of a town centre is shifting from predominantly retails uses to a wide range of leisure, retail and community uses.

Rugby Regeneration StrategyThe regeneration strategy puts people first, aims to create a resilient town centre by addressing the climate emergency, respects the existing heritage of the town and seeks to delivery connectivity, community uses and housing for residents. There is also a focus on supporting Rugby’s businesses.

The strategy sets out a strategic vision and framework for investment and change in Rugby town centre to 2035 to ensure the town centre can be transformed to achieve its full potential.

A focus on delivery and implementation has been built into the strategy to ensure it delivers for the community.
The strategy has been developed to: 

  • provide a vision for the town centre
  • promote the borough of Rugby as a place to do business
  • encourage and support sustainable economic growth, consistent with our social and environmental priorities
  • help businesses thrive and provide jobs for our residents
  • develop and promote our town centre as a place to live, socialise and work
  • regenerate neighbourhoods which need support and build communities to sustain change
  • nurture and support independent shops

Catalyst Projects 

The Rugby Regeneration Strategy has been developed as a series of interconnecting layers which combine to establish an overarching framework for change.

Across the various projects presented within the framework, six projects have been identified as 'catalyst projects' which would deliver significant wider impacts on the town centre, stimulating further regeneration and change.

The catalyst projects are:

  • Rounds Gardens
  • Rugby Central
  • Rugby Hub
  • Rugby Market
  • Evreux Way/Corporation Street
  • Church Street/North Street.

Download the Rugby Regeneration strategy