When your circumstances change you may want to make adaptations or alterations to your home to help you carry on living independently.

The council supports tenants make minor or major adaptations wherever possible. However, we maintain a register of council properties adapted for applicants and tenants with disabilities, and make every effort to allocate a property with suitable adaptations.

The council reserves the right to refuse consent for major adaptations where the household could reasonably transfer to more suitable accommodation provided by either the council or partner housing association.

Minor Alterations

The council can carry out minor alterations, such as grab rails, a second stair rail of half steps, without referring your case to an occupational therapist. The council aims to carry out such work within seven working days.

Major Adaptations

You'll need to book an assessment with an occupational therapist before major adaptations can be carried out to your home.

The therapist carries out a home visit before making recommendations for adaptations to the council.

You can book an assessment by contacting Warwickshire County Council's social services team on 01926 410410.