Protecting yourself, your dog and others in a public space

Puppy safeThe council encourages responsible dog ownership and works to ensure dogs, owners and residents can visit our public spaces in safety.

In addition to the general advice below for puppy owners, please take time to read about the borough's Dog Control Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO), which covers all land in the borough which the public has access to, including:

  • streets and pavements
  • council-owned land, including parks, gardens, recreation and sports grounds, cemeteries, open spaces and car parks

The PSPO includes a number of restrictions and requirements which dog owners must follow. Breaching the PSPO could lead to you receiving a £100 Fixed Penalty Notice.

View information on the Dog Control PSPO

Take the lead in looking after your puppy, yourself and others

  • puppies must be microchipped by eight-weeks-old. Making sure your dog has been microchipped means you can reunited with your dog in the event of it becoming lost or stolen
  • always keep your dog on a lead when exercising near public roads and pavements. The borough's Dog Control PSPO makes it a requirement to keep your dog on a lead in many public parks and open spaces
  • dog poo presents a health risk for children and other animals. Clean up after your dog and put the bag in a public litter bin or bin it on your return home
  • never take your dog into a children's play area or on to school land
  • puppies need first vaccinations from six to eight-weeks-old - talk to your vet and make sure you keep your puppy's jabs up to date

Be aware of the rules. Avoid a £100 Fixed Penalty. Be a responsible dog owner.