The Data Protection Act 2018 allows you to ask for a copy of any personal information that we may hold. You can ask for a copy at any time, but we may need to clarify the scope of your request with you.

Request your personal information

You can make a request by writing to us.

If you are looking for any particular information, it helps if you make this clear. Asking for 'everything you hold' could mean that your request is delayed whilst we ask you to provide more detail. There is no charge for providing this service.

Processing your application

We can take up to one calendar month to send you the information. However, there may be a delay if your request is not clear, if there is a very large amount of information or you ask for 'all information that the council may hold'. If this happens, you will be contacted to let you know why there could be a delay. We may also ask you for more detail to help us find the information you requested.


We may have to redact, or block out, some of the information. We might need to do this if the document refers to somebody other than you, for example. Other information may not be owned by the council, which may mean that we are not authorised to release it.